Since early childhood, Becky Young has fostered a love affair with Palomino horses, and now she is fulfilling her dream with Memory Farm.

Memory Farm is committed to raising quality horses with excellent conformation., ability to perform in many different areas of the show ring, and exceptional dispositions - beautiful color is an added bonus.

She had been looking for just the right stud for her breeding program and when she stumbled upon Champagne Cool, she knew she had found the perfect fit.


Champagne Cool
Champagne Cool

All it takes is one look into those gorgeous amber eyes and he has you hooked.

She finally found the complete package she was looking for; all of his structural correctness and amazing disposition. The added bonus is that Cool ("Spanky") truly is a horse of a different color.

We are elated to announce that Champagne Cool is consistently passing all of these exceptional qualities on to his foals. Spanky produced an amazing 2007 foal crop-
To date; he has sired Gold Champagne, Classic Champagne, Bay and Sorrell babies all with wonderful conformation, and lots of chrome!


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